The best of what Canada has to offer celebrating 150 years


In 150 years Canada has been through a lot of things. There is a lot of really special things about this place we call home. The culture, nature/attractions and the veterans are 3 things that really interest me and I'm passionate about. Canada is really different than any other place in the world and that is why we take a lot of pride in our nation.


Canada is a very multicultural country and over half the people that live in the greater Toronto area are immigrants. Over 67% of Canada’s population are Christens. This is a very diverse community that a lot of people have come to love and nurture. We as Canadians love what we have and how peaceful we are. Talking about different cultures we also have different languages. The 2 main languages in Canada are French and English. Quebec is the main province where you would find a lot of French speaking people. The diversity in Canada really makes Canada what it is and how accepting we are. Justin Trudeau is also expecting to bring up to 25,000 Syrian refuges to Canada. He have not brought all of them yet but they are coming at a fast pace. In the month of December about 2,000 to 2,500 refuges came to Toronto. This makes Canada a very welcoming country to people in need and just people in general.The aboriginals were the first people to discover what is now called Canada. Overall I don't think any country can be as good as Canada.


Canada has a lot of natural beauties, one of those beauties are natural parks. Wood buffalo national park is the biggest national park in Canada being 44,807 km 2. This national park can be found in Alberta and Northwest Territories. This makes Canada a very nature friendly place with all this space for animals and insects. Another fact about Canada's nature is that over 50% of the natural lakes in the world are located in Canada. This makes for more space for fish and we as human beings have a supply of more clean drinking water.In Canada we also have many tourist attractions, that many people love to go to. More specifically things located in Ontario are the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, Parliament Hill and Canada's Wonderland. Firstly, the CN Tower is the tallest tower in the word as of right now. It is 553.33 m tall and is located in the famous city of Toronto. Toronto is Canada's most populated and most recognized city by many hip hop artist. Secondly, Niagara falls is free falling water that goes from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Their is a variety of activities you can do at Niagara Falls such as the journey behind the falls and you can take a boat ride really closes to the falls and back. Another thing to do in Toronto is to visit Ripley's Aquarium of Canada were their is a variety of different sea creatures to see. Parliament Hill is also a place people visit and is in the city of Ottawa. Parliament Hill is where the federal government gathers to make new laws. You are also able to visit with a guided tour during specific hours. This is a very important part of Canada because this is how the lives of Canadians are changed every day inside this building. Last but not least Canada's Wonderland is a place visited by a lot of people from the GTA. This is an amusement park located in Vaughan and is a place people visit in the summer a lot. A ticket for one adult is usually around $43, this a very well known spot that many Canadians love. The nature and attractions are two very unique things about Canada and that's what people love about this country, just the amount off things you can do.


Another thing that is very important to me is the veterans of Canada. This is very important to me because of what the veterans did for this country in the 1900s. Canada is more of a peace country and focuses more on helping others. The first major peace mission done by Canada was in Egypt on November 24, 1956. This was a very important date because from then on forward we have tried to help everyone we can and have been very peaceful from that day forward. On every Saturday, November 11 we commemorate our veterans and the people that have died while fighting for this country and the ones who are out there right now by having a moment of silence in schools and by wearing a poppy. Their has been dozens of peace support efforts and about 175,000 Canadian military members have participated in them. Overall Canada is a very peaceful country and it is all because of the people who have, are or did serve in the military. Without them Canada wouldn't be what it is now.


Canada is a very well respected country and celebrating 150 years should mean a lot to us. In conclusion Canada has a lot of different cultures, nature/attractions and our veterans have done a lot for us. I hope that Canada can be a peace country for as long as possible and we can have even more cultures live in Canada.

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