Good Life Play BY ALEX pOTHEN

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This was my first professional play that I have attended. I have realized how our culture is able to analyze historical situations and portray it into theatrics. Prior to the play I was aware of the industrial revolution and how it affected the wage gap and poor conditions in workplaces. The subject matter dealt with theater in the early twentieth century. The play changed my outlook on how the seminary was the only gateway to escape poverty and how religion was an a factor in Industrial America. I can relate the subject matter to my transition to college life to an extent. The pamphlet is a representation of part of the cultural and intellectual experience that surrounds theater. Additionally, during the talk back session with the actors I learned they got into character by watching industrial revolution movies and videos as well as doing research on their character.
Emotional Experience: The play provided an opportunity for catharsis as it allowed for an inward look on life as the play went on and stimulated my emotions. Additionally, plays aren't common activities and after a busy week theater acts a method for relaxation and entertainment. The play also gives opportunities to take the whole experience in and gives a sense to seize the day. Additionally, the play gave time to reflect on social topics from the early twentieth century.
Spatial Experience: The theater was somewhat large, dimly lighted and somewhat formal setting. When I entered it felt like I had entered a movie theater but it felt more professional because there was an inherent dress code. My friend and I sat towards the front so we had a close-up view on the play which was unprecedented but made it seem more special. The size of the auditorium was not monstrous but it was not cramped, it felt comfortable. I enjoyed the part when the lights dimmed and the audience silenced because I all of sudden all the attention was on the stage and my focus was unwavering. The role of place in the good life is that everyone has a special place they go to for an enchanting experience or to reflect introspectively, whether it is in solitude or with a group.
Social Experience: Going to the play with a friend made it much more worthwhile because I was able to enjoy the theater with someone and discuss our favorite and least favorite parts. To prepare for the play I read a background on the play and other things about the time period. Attending the play with other people around me whom I did not know did not change the experience too much; an audience is an arbitrary part of theater. The role of shared experience in the Good Life depends on the person. If one truly enjoys plays then it can be a big part. If the person is not very enthusiastic or treats the experience as a pleasure rather than happiness, then it will have a small role.

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