Nicholas Kristof Unofficial Milleneal Advisor

"One of the principles of journalism is that you don't lie. You never lie."

-Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist

New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas Kristof is the voice we need to hear. His outlook is exactly what progressive millennial news-seekers are looking for. He addresses the controversial issues of health, human and womens rights, and global affairs.

Kristof's style is "cut-throat" and straight to the point. His passion for finding and telling the truth is what makes him and others alike, an invasive species to our current newsworld consumed with "Alternative facts". He has been tackling the political issues that have taken over the current news waves and breaking them down to science that gives you the facts of the issues at hand, using emotional appeal and realism all together. There are no corny punchlines to lure you in; he delivers the new stories that we need to hear and can understand.

"Politicians in Washington don’t have a clue about the hideous things that happen when women are marginalized and health care is unavailable. What the Population Fund does is help girls like Darling avoid unwanted pregnancies and the nightmare of a fistula, a prolapse or cancer. That’s why The Lancet medical journal called Trump’s cutoff of funds “misogyny.”"

10 Out of 10 !

Kristof's style is what I want to be as an opinion writer. It's hard to believe he is writer for the NY Times, as most news outlets tend to be partial with their demographic. In all, He says what the rest of us are (or should be) thinking. I feel that Kristof likes to think that his audience is made up of "decent human beings", as if to say if we were really faced with that situation, most of us can decipher the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

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