montgomery Bus Boycotts Ali Shire

Montgomery bus boycotts began after the arrest of Rosa Parks for not giving up her seat to a whiter passenger on city bus.

Montgomery bus boycotts, mass protest against the bus system of montgomery alabama

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks, E.D. Nixon, Dr. King, black residents of Montgomery

Martin luther king was a leader to civil right of civil right movement who face enormous challenge in his lifetime

his frist majority was to protest the montgomery, alabama bus boycotts, when he along with rosa parks, protested condition that african-american faced on buses in the city. Under the law of jim crow, african-american were forced to move to back of the bus in montgomery and Montgomery Bus Boycotts other southern cities when white abroad

to overcoming the obstacles was the involvement of Montgomery's black population and the organization that kept it mobilized.

back in the day white people and black couldn’t go to the same school and transportation for example today white people and black people could go to the same school, sit next to each other.

Discrimination based on Lgbtq community and women quality

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