The era of good feelings Alex kahn

Early America was a dangerous and adventures time for American's in the early 1800s. The war of 1812, the French conflicts and the expaintion of the US put Americans in a lot of danger. However, the expanstion west provided Americans with adventure and poineering that help America later on. "Don't be afraid of change, but of what change's brings with itself." --- James Monroe. The era of good feelings also brought new American politics, art, literature and music that also influenced Americas future.

The era of good feelings brought a new era of American politics and politicians. James Madison was the first president in the era of good feelings. However, he didn't user the era of good feelings in. James Monroe was the president that brought American into the era. James Madison made the Luisiana purchase. This doubled American in size. He also ended the french-American conflicts in the 1800's. Finally, he brought America into the war of 1812. After the Madsion Term, James Monore was made the next president. He was an influential part of the era of good feelings. He admitted 6 states to the US, including the purchase of Flordia in 1819. He also ended the war of 1812, winning the war against both the Indians from the west, and the English from the east. He made the Missouri compromise, and the Monroe Doctrine in 1832, explaining his foreign policies.

Art was also something that was new in the era of good feelings. The main types of art was folk art and potraits. Folk art was simple and direct. It was obvious what the art meant. Potraits showed personalities and emotions of people. The Husdon River School was a movement of art that displayed broad and scenic vistas. Finally, the most famous artists. John James Audubon was known for his finely detailed nature paintings. George Catlin was known for his traditional landscapes. " In order to be a good artists, you must give up the disire to be a good artist." --George Catlin

The music of early America was new and fascinating to most Americans. The first type of music was classical music. The music originated from Europe and was very popular for many Americans. This music was danced to by both men and women. Another type of music was square dances. This music told people in the lyrics what to do in the dance or song. The next popular type of music was ministerial songs. This type of music mimicked slave songs. The last popular type of music in the era of good feelings was spiritual. This music was played by violin, drum and banjo. This music now would be considered folk music.

Early american literature was one of the most popular things in the 1800's. Which is also popular today. Washington Irvin was a author of many books in the era of good feelings. His most famous book was Rip Van Winkle. This book was based german folktale. Next is James Fenimore Cooper. He was also an author, but he was famous for stories of settlers moving west and facing dangeros situations. One of the most famous americans ever was Davy Crockett. He told stories of his own life stories as a hunter, scout, soilder and explorer. Finnaly, there was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He was known for the song of hihawortha, a book about american indians. " You may go to hell, i'll go to texas" --Davy Crockett.

Some people may agure that the early 1800's was not the era of good feelings. Slavery was still around, the war of 1812 and the constant battles with the natives made america a stressfull place to live in. However, there was more good then bad that came out of the era of good feelings. Many americans would most likely say that it was the era of good feelings." I know america to always be in the era of good feelings ( execpt the great depression) " Fredrick Reines"

In conclusion, the early 1800s was the era of good feelings in america. Art, politics, literature and music began to blown. Adventures west brought new adventures to all setlers accros the nation.


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