Kinky Sex (Makes The World Go Round) By The Dead Kennedys


1982 | Punk

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"We had Libya all ready to go and Colonel Gaddafi's hit squad didn't even show up. I tell ya... that man is unreliable. The Russians had their fingers on the button just like we did for that one..."


  • Wargasm is a compilation record put out by Pax Records.
  • The song later appeared on a rarities compilation titled: Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death.
  • The song depicts an aide for the Reagan White House arranging World War III on the phone with Margaret Thatcher, who moans erotically.
  • Features the DK song Bleed For Me as the background music.


Luke Tatum

What a terrifying thing, to get in the heads of the powerful and imagine how they think. Could it be this brutal? Who knows. This song will make you extremely uncomfortable, and it should. But be careful...keeping the full weight of this kind of sick mindset--even if it only approximates the evil of D.C.--could easily bring even the most stalwart and good-spirited of us to our knees. Many libertarians throughout history have struggled with intese depression, and I don't want any of you to join their numbers.

Sherry Voluntary

Boy I had a hearty laugh with this one. The “kinky sex” in this song is a mock conversation between the Secretary of War at the American State Department and the British Prime Minister who is clearly, ummmm, carnally enjoying the warmongering of the conversation as if it were phone sex. It’s a clever bit of satire. Something I found interesting was that even though this song was released in 1982, the issues are still the same. For instance the lyric "We'll just cook up a good Soviet threat story, In the Middle East-we need that oil, We had Libya all ready to go and Colonel Khadafy's hit squad, Didn't even show up. I tell ya” You could plug in Russian election hacking, and the false narrative of Assad using poison gas on his own people in Syria. I guess that old chestnut is often true, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Nicky P

I have a long history with this song. As a kid it was a track you hoped your parents didn't catch you listening to. I'm pretty sure I had a friend I invited over only because his parents let him buy records like this and I couldn't talk my parents into letting me buy green day albums. Biographical importance aside there is something super timeless about this track in the most awful way imaginable. It seems like only yesterday but was over half a century ago that a military man president warned us of the collusion between the big money corporatists & the military. They learned the lesson that as long as we're in perpetual war we can spend indefinitely on war. This is in no small part to the FED but that's a different song. We've now been in active conflict for more than half of my life and that doesn't count the occupations and minor conflicts during "Peace Times." Those kids they're talking of sending over in the track were people my parents knew. This song was released the year my parents graduated highschool. There has never been a stop to sending our children into slaughter to murder in the name of crony profits. Many who listen to songs like this I'm sure walk away with the idea that money s the root of the problem but for those who follow this stuff it's power. Money can use power but without power money can only bribe. I'd rather they bribe you to die than bribe someone to write ten laws ensuring everyone in your generation does.

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Nicky P

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