EMT Alexis k. hascup

Who I am and who I want to represent. I am a human being with an irrelevant identity. With there being over 6 billion people on this planet, my goal is to save a few irrelevant people, so as one day people will understand that we are all relevant.

What - is the college/service/work that you are interested in? is the area of study/work you see yourself doing? are some of the requirements to get into this college/service/work? I will be going to SOU. I refuse to stray far from my roots, even though it puts a damper on things. I see myself doing something in the medical field, but for now I shall start with para-medicine. I will need to pass high school.

Where is the college located and where will I live? SOU is located in Ashland, Oregon. It's about half an hour from where I live currently. In college I will live with my family for the first 2 years, and then get my own place in central point.

When? I am not sure when I need to do these things, and I cannot find any information on it.

Why? I'm interested in the medical field because it seems familiar. Medics are always needed, as well. I'm also for second chances and I can deal with people in their most instinctive state. I chose this on my own accord.

How? The how is pretty simple. I will be at RCC for the first two years, getting my prerequisites. After that, you just take the Fire/Medicine course.

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