Akhenaten By:Alyssa roberts

*Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten
he was born in 1380 BC and died in 1334 BC

*There was a Tradition by establishing a new religion that believed there is one god: the sun god Aten *Queen Nefertiti,famous from her portrait bust*When Akhenaten died,he was succeeded briefly by smenkhkare.*Akhenaten was an intellectual and philosophical revolutionary who had the power and wealth to indulge his ideas*Akhenaten paid little attention to the army and navy,foreign trade began to fall off,and internal taxes began to disappear into the pockets of local officials.

*Did you know that Akhenaten and his wife only worshipped the sun god

* Did you know that Akhenaten made himself unpopular by closing the old temples


Created with images by joncallas - "Akhenaten" • George M. Groutas - "Altes Museum (Berlin) - Nefertiti"

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