who was Martin Luther? Abbie Zendzian

Saint or sinner?


St. Augustine

Martin Luther prayed to his patron saint to save him from a deadly storm, in return he promised to pay return, and become a monk; After he survived the storm, he left all of his work, and studies to become a monk at St. Augustine

This shows that he can keep his promises, and will do the right thing. He put his obligations before himself; leaving his legal studies, and payed his duty to his saint, making him a saint himself


Romans 1:17

Martin Luther was preparing for a lecture and studied the biblical passage Romans 1:17. He read about a merciful God who wants people to live by faith and not by good works.

Saint: He found a new interpretation of God, and his meaning to the people. This allowed more people to express their feelings, and opinions. As well as, the idea of different ways of viewing the world

Sinner: This affected the church, and the churches future. Martin Luther thinks that human life lays in the hands of that person, and their faith in God. This meant that, the Church, and the people in the church like the priests, were not needed anymore


95 Theses

Saint: This allowed for discussion amongst many people, and sparked new ideas to occur. An academic discussion with many intelligent people to converse about the topic of Church

Sinner: This affected the way people lived, and affected their daily life, as well as the Church. Some people lost what they believed in before, because of these new ideas. It also affected how helpful the Church was, because people began to leave the Church


When he came back home to preach a sermon, he fell ill and died in his home town of Eisleben

Saint: He was able to spread his ideas quickly, and allowed people to interpret the bible for their own. This allowed for more people to read the bible. His ideas of living by his own faith, caused many people to think for themselves, and began to realize who people were

Sinner: Although he made more people to care about themselves, and their ideas, this separated people because of their thoughts. His 95 theses caused fights to occur, and no unification was achieved

The monastery

Sinner: There were new explorations of how the earth worked, that caused the Church to crumble. Luther helped them out, and gave them the push that would damage the Church forever


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