March on Washinton By Logan JOhnson

What was the March on Washington?

The March on Washington was a political rally on August 28, 1963, where over 200,000 Americans marched in Washington D.C. for jobs and freedom. This movement was also designed to shed light on the political and social changes that African Americans faced across the country.

Who was involved?

The people who were involved with the March on Washington included over 200,000 Americans of all races. It was organized by civil rights and religious groups in hopes of spreading racial equality. The most famous and well-known person from this event was Martin Luther King Jr. He inspired many Americans across the country with his "I Have A Dream" speech, which mostly talked about racial justice and equality.

What Obstacles did they Face?

The hardest obstacle they had to face was planning it. The black community had wanted the march to happen almost 20 years sooner when A. Philip Randolph proposed the idea to do a march to protest that blacks were benefited less by the new deal. Franklin D. Roosevelt heard about this and issued executive order 8802 which prohibited discrimination by any defense contractors. It also established the Fair Employment Practices Committee to investigate racial discrimination. The march was later called off due to this small victory. However, the Fair Employment Practices Committee went out of existence a few years later. The blacks had faced discrimination throughout the following years decided to have another go. The march was very successful and later became known as the March on Washington.

What was the Legacy of this Event?

After this event, many Americans who attended this march had a fun and great day full of songs, speeches, and prayers. The march showed an affirmation of hope, belief, and faith that someday, both blacks and whites will fight for racial equality together.

People's Climate March

The People's Climate March was a march that occurred fairly recently on April 29, 2017. This march had over 150,000 people who surrounded Trump's White House to call for jobs, justice, and climate action. The protesters wanted change after hearing Trump's environmental agenda, so they did it on his 100th day in office. Most of the people who attended the the march were environmental activists who believe that climate change is in fact happening and that they want to preserve the Earth. There would of been more protesters but some could just not travel the long distance to Washington D.C.

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