FIRST THINGS FIRST Rooted in Kingdom Causation

Fruit of Rootedness

Rooted in religion we soon fade because it has no substance. With Jesus as our life we are joined to the Vine who is all the root of existence and the ground of our being.

Union with God - the soil of our being.

We can spend much of our life in our Christianity without being born again. While we are living from religion we are never fully alive. Should we be absorbed in a ‘contract’ with God designed to secure an outcome for ourselves we will have not entered into Him or our real selves. The old covenant contract is ‘Do this and live.’ The new is not a contract. It’s the gift of eternal life in which we have been made alive in order to multiply life. If Christianity is not a person but Jesus Himself, then we are not our real self until He is our life. Root yourself in Him by naming Him as your life.

You are the expression of the soil you are living from.

‘Christ come in our flesh’ is not the law come in our flesh or religion come in our flesh. It is even more than Jesus in us. The reality of this is Jesus manifesting as us.

Christ who is your life will manifest in your face and in your person.

Woven into our Being

I remember once being confused when an author I was reading emphasized that Holy Spirit did not just live in us – as if He was some kind ball rattling around in our body. It’s more than this. Incarnation means that the fullness of the God-head is woven into our being and we are woven into the trinity. Living in any externality we are neither whole or real. Christ come in our flesh is us as daughters and sons in spirit and in truth. This is life in the Spirit. On the face of it, this can appear as a void. In reality it is the only life that is real and you are only real as a son/daughter if Christ is your life.

The True Self

Your True Self is waiting to greet your Real You!

Richard Rohr observes,“The True Self will surely have doubts about the unknown too. But as such, the True Self is not afraid of death. It has been there and back. The Risen Christ in you always knows that it will never lose anything real by dying, but you will not know that until you walk the whole gauntlet sincerely at least once.”

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