Five activities to do in social distancing Charlotte armstrong '21

Hiking local trails like Brett Woods is one option. Photo by Mapio.net

On day 41 of social distancing for the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve had to get a little creative to cure my boredom. Despite my major increase in sleep hours, the majority of my day is still left open. With sports and clubs cancelled, many students are left unoccupied as well. Here are five engaging and social-distancing safe activities to fill your time.

1. Exercise

Work out tutorials can be found on youtube.com. Photo by Charlotte Armstrong '21

If you’ve looked out your window recently, chances are you’ve seen people walking. Take advantage of the warm spring weather and go on a walk or run around the neighborhood. Or, opt to stay inside and follow an online workout routine. Local and chain gyms are offering video services, or you can follow a youtube.com video.

2. Read a book

Photo by Charlotte Armstrong '21

For readers and nonreaders, now is the time to indulge yourself in a good book. Check out Barnes & Noble’s best selling book list. I suggest Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng or The Boy From The Woods by Harlan Coben. For more, find a friend to read with and form a book club.

3. Video chat with friends and family

GoogleMeet is an online tool that allows you to videochat with multiple people. Photo by Charlotte Armstrong '21

In today’s age of technology, self-quarantine doesn’t prevent you from seeing your friends and loved ones. There's an abundance of apps and downloads that allow you to do so; try Zoom, Skype, or Houseparty. Just as we would talk during communication time, my friends and I are using Zoom to talk during our 15 minute break in distance learning.

4. Hike

Brett Woods Conservation Area is a local hiking spot in Fairfield, Connecticut. Photo by AllTrails.org

If you're up for a challenge, go on a hike. Local trails such as Brett Woods promise a calming hike surrounded by nature. Many people are feeling stressed and anxious during the COVID-19 pandemic, and hiking tends to relieve stress according to Harvard Medical School.

5. Dance

Trending dance tutorials can be found on TikTok like above. Photo by Charlotte Armstrong '21

Learn that TikTok dance, play a dance game or follow a dance routine. This is fun whether you can dance or not. Try to learn a fun dance routine or even make up a dance to your favorite song. Furthermore, studies show that dancing can boost your mood.