Audrey '23

"I love my classes.... Everyday I'm like, 'I get to go to that class.'"

The academic program at Albuquerque Academy is at the heart of our school, and the school’s mission is lived out daily in the wide array of rich learning experiences we offer students.

The Academy aims to nurture children’s natural passion for learning and to instill habits of lifelong curiosity and reflection. Audrey - like many students - thrives in this environment because she is surrounded by students with diverse passions and talents while also being challenged by teachers to try new things and delve deeper into her passions.

"Everyday I find new people that are equally amazing in different ways, and there's this broad spectrum of all the different things that kids do," reflects Audrey. "I love getting to see what everyone else is up to, and it actually inspires me to do things that I'd never tried before."