Do You Have Artwork that No One Knows About? Here are 4 Steps to get Your Work Recognized! By: Isabelle Yan

Pieces of art lay in boxes, ignored. You spent your time making them beautiful and when you finished, you admired them and just put them away. Your only wish was to have people know about how good you were! But how? Here are four easy steps to get your artwork the attention it deserves!

But why should you trust me on this topic?

What makes me an authority is the experience I have had with art. I have been taking art classes since third grade and interested in it since I was seven years old. I have entered in contests and made up competitions with my friends. My teachers taught me tons of techniques and ways to draw to make my art nice and quantifiable for contests.

Here are four simple steps to get your art recognized!

Step 1: First, you need to make sure your art is appealing enough to make people interested in it. It wouldn't be very helpful to have boring pieces of work to show because then others would just ignore them. That would be a fail in getting your art recognized. If you don't have a lot of art that you think other people would be interested in, just take the best ones.

Paper Art

Step 2: Second, if you have an art teacher, ask them for ideas. They can help give you a boost in the beginning of recognition. They may offer you contests that you can enter and would suit your style of art. If you choose to enter competitions or contests, make sure that the themes match the style or what you usually paint, draw, etc… so that you have an advantage of winning. When people win contests, it usually helps them get attention.

Step 3: Get a way to communicate to the world. For example, create a social media or website dedicated to your art. That way, the everybody will be able to see your art without physically seeing the paper or computer if it is digital. If you create a social media like Instagram, try and get a lot of followers so that a good number of people know about you. In addition, if you consider applying to an art school or a job that is in the field of art, the interviewers or employers will be able to view that social media account or website to see what you have done.

Social Media Apps

Step 4: Get more involved in public events that have to do with art. If there are any events at school that you can participate in, try them out. People may learn about you that way.

Art Exihibit

Satisfaction is guaranteed if you follow these four steps. Trust me, these steps are very simple and you will get the attention you deserve for your artwork in no time! Just remember, make sure your work is interesting enough so that people would be curious, ask your art teacher for ideas on how to get recognition, create a social media or website dedicated to your art, and get involved in public events. These four steps are easy and will guarantee the attention you want!

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