Vicious Vikings Year 5 Spring 1

Welcome to Spring Term 1

Children will need their PE kits in school every day. Homework will be set on a Friday and is expected to be completed by a Thursday. Spelling tests will be Mondays.

Planners should be recorded in every time a child reads—parents please read with your children at least 3 times per week and sign planners.

Good To Be Green—children with a green stamp in their planner have been green all week—well done! Children receive House Point rewards for being green.

The Independent Me

In English, the independent me will:

-read and discuss our book ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ to investigate character, setting and plot.

-write a myth which includes heroes, villains and monsters.

-interweave descriptions of characters, settings and atmosphere with speech.

In history, the independent me will:

-describe the social, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of the Viking Age.

-describe the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of a Viking child.

The Creative Me

In music, the creative me will:

-compose and perform a Viking chant.

-hold a part within a round.

-sing or play form memory with confidence.

In dance, the creative me will:

-compose creative and imaginative dance sequences.

In art, the creative me will:

-use printing techniques to build up layers of colour.

-produce my own Viking art using print.

-design and make swords, shields and helmets.

The Inquisitive Me

In science, the inquisitive me will:

- compare and group together everyday materials.

-understand how some materials dissolve in liquid to form a solution.

-investigate reversible changes.

In maths, the inquisitive me will:

-use formal written methods for multiplication and division.

-compare and order fractions.

-recognise mixed numbers and improper fractions.

-add and subtract fractions.

-solve problems with fractions.

The Healthy Me

In PE, the healthy me will:

-practise and refine gymnastic techniques.

-demonstrate good kinaesthetic awareness.

-use equipment to vault and to swing.

In RE, the healthy me will:

-clearly explain what the five pillars or duties are for Muslims.

-explain the significance of festivals and the duties of Muslim life.

-give examples of Islamic charity in action.

WOW task:

Year 5 are preparing to invade!

We will be researching battle tactics and finding out what made the Vikings so vicious! We are going to design and make our own shields, helmets and weapons. We will then perform a song and a rousing chant before taking part in a Viking battle!

Parents will be invited in see our fearsome warriors in action at the end of the half term.