Future Forward El Capitan High School

Class of 2023 has the newest Acer 732 Model

Daily loaners will NOT be available for Chromebooks or chargers

(remember to bring your device fully charged each day)

My Chromebook is missing!

Please see Mrs. O'Meara, the Librarian, immediately so the missing Chromebook can be locked (made unusable)

Talk to Family About Insurance Option

2019-2020 Repair Cost
2018-2019 Repairs

Chromebook Care

  • Always keep your Chromebook in its case.
  • Don’t hold it by the screen! Thumbs have been known to crack screens.
  • Check before closing your Chromebook.
  • Closing on earbuds, pens, phones, etc. can crack your screen or break the hinges.
  • Keep LIQUIDS away from your Chromebook.
  • Open Chromebooks from the center to avoid hinge wear and tear
  1. Text-to-Speech: Turn on the screen reader or Select-to-speak
  2. Display: High contrast mode, screen magnifier, screen resolution, text size
  3. Keyboard: Sticky keys, on-screen keyboard, highlighting, keyboard repeat rate, word prediction
  4. Mouse and touchpad: Automatic clicking, tap dragging, large cursor (and change its size), cursor highlighting
  5. Audio: Play all sounds together through all speakers
  6. Language

Repairing Chromebook

Please bring your Chromebook to the library at the first sign of damage or trouble

Waiting to bring in a CB with minor damage can sometimes lead to more damage = $$$

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Chansamone O'Meara



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