First Grade Team

Teachers: Mrs. Dormer, Mrs. Lester, Mrs. Ritz Paraprofessionals: Mrs. Maynard, Mrs. Adams (Mrs. Hall)

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We will be using Seesaw this year to send communication to parents and post student assignments.

There are two different apps for Seesaw. The class app is for students to use to get and complete assignments. The family app is for parents to so they can see their student's work, make comments, and send/receive messages from the teacher and school.

Zoom Meetings

Please check Seesaw for Zoom links. We will be meeting with home learning students during the day. Many special area teachers will also be using Zoom to meet with students.

Home learning schedules: Please see Seesaw for the schedule with Zoom links attached.

Online Learning Sites

Extra Resources

No Printer? Here's how you can get these sheets to work on your Ipad or laptop/desktop.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything from us.

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