Managed Services IT Services for SMB in Upstate New York

CCNY Tech is a IT services and hardware company located in Upstate New York. They have been reselling IT hardware for decades and have now added IT Services to their menu of offerings. You can call them at 1-800-566-4786 or visit ccnytech.com.

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CCNY Tech - A member of Herkimer Chamber of Commerce

The Parent company of CCNY Tech is Computer Connection of CNY

Their Website is credited to Daryl Ledyard Web Design

The Website also appears on Digismartz.com and this site.

Do you have a dedicated IT professional on staff?

Many small to medium-sized businesses have IT needs that will quickly overwhelm the time and skills of the unlucky staff member who isn’t an IT professional but just happens to be the tech-savviest person around. Many business owners find themselves in a tough position trying to keep a handle on technology while also running their business.

Even if this task is delegated to someone else, it still means someone on your staff is spending a large amount of time fixing IT problems rather than being productive at their job. In most cases, they probably don’t have the time or techical knowledge to plan for the future of your IT systems. This path will doom you to a continual reactive cycle that never prepares you for future growth, challenges, or demands on your network.

If you don’t have a dedicated IT person, managed services is the perfect substitute. Rather than paying the salary and benefits for another employee, you could pay a reduced amount for managed services. A technology professional with five years of experience may be worth $70,000+ a year. That $70,000 salary only gets you one person, not a team of professionals with expertise and knowledge. When you hire your own IT staff, there are also challenges scheduling around vacation, training, and illness. Using managed IT services provides full time IT coverage and vacations, illness, and other absences don’t affect your support.

Call us at 315-724-2209 and press '1' for sales.


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