(Week 1) w/c 13th March 2017 Reflective Journal by Dziliana Vorobjova

13/03 - 17/03 (Week 1)

The project began with a rough start. Because we were assigned to think of a completely new game, I got very upset because I put my heart and soul on the previous project. My partner and I made scraps of ideas but we couldn't think of how to work with them from there. It was most likely just a creative block that we were experiencing, however, eventually we managed to think of an interesting concept that could pull people's attention. We still haven't completely decided what the game mechanics will be and the storyline is still not fully developed.

A lot of people are confused as to why I picked Harry as my partner because he is reckless and loud. I wanted to work with someone else but the person I wanted to work with doesn't seem to like me. There isn't anyone else that I get along with as much as Harry. Together, we can balance out the work as I'm better at working on the artwork and Harry is really good at coding. Everyone else that I know is stronger with art and if I were to work with them, we wouldn't be able to achieve what we want to. I believe in my teammate. He does his work when he's asked to. As long as I take responsibility and tell him to do what he needs to do, we can do really well through the project.

Considering we struggled to come up with ideas, we started off by checking Steam to gain inspiration and see what is currently popular on the market.

We used Steam to find out what genres are popular at the moment and what kind of games people look forward to. Working with Steam has helped us create a general idea and plan of a game that we should work on.

Specifically, NieR;Automata has given me ideas on which direction to lead the game. NieR;Automata is a vastly story-driven game with many endings; and each time you play the game, the story plays differently. The game gave me inspiration to create multiple endings for our game, too.

We then summed up everything that we researched and worked on developing our game ideas. It was fairly easy as we researched Steam, included the popular genres and traits of the games; and we included our own interests and ideas.

We decided to focus on the Anime genre mainly as my whole artstyle is centered around that and many of my inspirations are manga artists (Yana Toboso who did Black Butler and Inio Asano who did Oyasumi Punpun). I came to the conclusion that I should focus on genres that I am the most experienced with. Sci-Fi is very popular currently on the market, however, I don't have enough knowledge to create a game based on Sci-Fi; and my art style wouldn't suit that genre as I have never drawn technology and I am not informed on the science behind future tech. Harry and I decided to go with an RPG, Action story driven game. My favourite game genre is RPG and I have played many story driven games (mostly stemming from Japan such as Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, etc.) and many visual novels. Since we chose these genres, I am confident that we will come up with a good game idea.

Initially, we did small research on the Yakuza as we were very attracted to that idea. There aren't many Yakuza-centered games in the market and it would appeal to the current generation and stand out as many games being published right now are Sci-Fi or FPS.

The beginning might have been rough, but we're confident that as long as we think of a good idea, we can storm this through as I already have ideas for the artwork and characters; and as long as Harry implements all the art assets, we will get through this.

Our tutor gave us feedback on the work that we've done so far. I was told I should take the leader role in the project as I am more independent and organized comparing to my partner. He gets distracted very often, so it will be difficult to keep him in his place.
David told us to start looking outside the box and research about the Yakuza more in depth, taking examples from Japanese gang movies and finding out the kind of crimes they do.
Me and Harry have been working on our Market Research and deciding what kind of combat mechanics we would like to implement in our game.

Last night, I've come up with a good story idea that could really engage the players. I've talked about it with my partner and he's sceptical that he can implement multiple endings into Stencyl. We've concluded that we can try implementing at least one of them, but that would change the whole game's concept.


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