Dimension144 Wave 1

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Go to Dimension144.com and type in "its just picture" to download the apk and instructions. (Android Systems Only)

*Make sure you have a solid data plan. To be unlimited, you gotta have unlimited things.

Introduction to the 144 Artificial Intelligence Partner (AIP)

Swing by the website and let our A.I. guide you through the layers and dimensions. The coded being scans æther origins of every visitor and presents pathways towards horizons and offers extractions from the daily grinds of the mental focus. As we continue to upgrade our content the experience will consistently be enhanced. This stage is our introductory wave, meet AIP through our terrestrial delivery system.

Reality Guide

Explore and connect with the hidden things in life.

The experience we are living, is going beyond the safety zone of what has been. Get the most out of the reshaping reality by learning what each wave of new data carries. Upcoming releases on Dimension144.com, explains each aspect that surrounds us and how to benefit from every design. Detailed instructions and live broadcasts lead the way and if you need more, free entry events/tours are being prepared globally.

Dimension144 Upgrades

Equipment upgrades of our film hardware and also editing enhancements have been made so we can offer you the best quality services. As we test out our new gear and modes, we will begin experimenting with new ways to deliver our flows. We have many new products and designs underway and are very excited to present our hard work directly to you, free of charge and without commercial interruption. We pride ourselves in creating a respectful standard and your time is valued. We got the ruff stuff out of the way first, so we can play hard and enjoy our tasks. We know this will translate profoundly in upcoming content transmission downloads.

Win Something

Get some free glossy and metallic prints mailed right to your home.

Download the Its Just Picture app and if you spot any images you love, double click the screen and share them on your social media accounts. Be sure to use the hashtag #ItsJustPicture, so we can track you. We will select random winners and message them directly. What are you waiting for? Go download that app!

Find Your Dimension™


Click that link to fine tune your dimensional search and test out AIP's flow. Get a grasp on the content, be a hipster on the next wave. Coding is processing and alternate deliverable's of data are transmitting. Know the Flow.


Created with images by Comfreak - "ufo aliens at night" • bruce mars - "office" • Icons8_team - "woman skin portrait" • PhotoVision - "ufo space stars science spaceship galaxy astronomy" • Petr Sevcovic - "Spark drone" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together exchange of information instagram" • John Westrock - "Let The Road Be Your Guide"

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