Good Life Tour of the Harn By: steve spence

Harn Museum
Description panel for my first piece of art
Me in-front of the "Gate #2"

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

This painting by Ross Bleckner is meant to create a visual affect like an optical illusion, so no that is not your computer screen being weird. I really liked the creativity behind this piece to integrate optical illusion into an ordinary oil painting. Although you can tell how the strobe effect looks by moving your head back and forth in front of the computer screen, the effect is much more intense in person. Out of all the pieces of art i viewed i think this was my favorite because of the creative technique of using stripes to form optical illusions.

Main room of the "Selections from the Arthur Ross Collection"

Design of the Museum

The main room of the "Selections from the Arthur Ross Collection" which is the second room on the left from where the art exhibits start, was my favorite room because of its design. This room had high vaulted ceilings, a vibrant orange color scheme, and a geometrical maze like pattern of walls holding all the pieces of art. The exhibit makes me feel like I am wandering though a colorful world of art.

Me in the Asian Outdoor Art Garden

Art And Core Values

This particular piece of art is in the form of an Asian art garden. This garden was designed by Hoichi Kurisu and I really like how different it was from the other forms of art. I really enjoy the outdoors and nature and this exhibit made me feel peaceful and happy to be in such a tranquil and satisfying environment. Being in this exhibit was like going back home to my rural town in north Florida for just a second.

Description panel for my last piece of art
"Cast of Thousands" (Apologies for the sideways picture i could not make it go the other way)

Art and the Good life

This incredible print from SebastiĆ£o Salgado is of thousands of people busy at work in a primitive mine in Brasil. Working in the mine is brutal dangerous work and just the gravity of the picture makes us think about just how good of a life we have compared to what it could be. This print brings out emotions of sorrow and amazement as these people fight their circumstances for their good life.

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