What it is like to be 15 in Saudi Arabia Jonathan gomez 5 hour

Saudi Arabia was once isolated with no education or technology. They soon found oil and everything changed for them. They got a huge wealth from the oil and started introducing new things such as jobs, schools, etc. Saudi Arabia is located in the east next to the Red sea.

Being 15 in Saudi Arabia is Constrained but yet Hopeful, because of the fact that women are treated as less than men. Saudi Arabia practice their religion and live by it day to day.

Topic 1: Girls in Saudi Arabia get married almost right after high school, their father usually is the one who chooses.

Topic 2: Religion effects a lot in Saudi Arabia so they teach it in school.

Evidence 1: "Her father will want her to marry soon after high school to ease financial strain". (Yackley-Franken,Nicki)

Evidence 2: "Though the educational system is reducing the emphasis on religion, special Qur`anic schools continue to focus on Islam and memorization of the Qur`an". ( Yackley-Franken, Nicki )

Reasoning 1: Their fathers are in need of money so they give their daughters hand in marriage, the daughter might not want to but she has no choice. The fathers hope this will benefit them in the future.

Reasoning 2: Religion is followed by many which is making people think differently. The government is trying to not be so involved with religion.

The way they are treating women is just awful, men are no greater than women. We are all equal. Religion could be the cause of why they are treating women as less. We need to keep in mind the great freedoms we have.

Part 2: Empathy Reflection

We really take all of our freedoms as a joke, while others don't have freedom like we do. Plus we always think about our government as being the best there is, there are good governments out there too.

Topic: Saudi Arabia is not the best country in the world but its government is really trying hard to improve everything to the best of their ability.

Evidence: In 2005 the government spent 276.1 billion riyals ( In U.S. dollars thats 76 billion ) on improving education.

Reasoning: In spending all of this money Saudi Arabia's government is showing it cares about its people. It realizes that it has flaws and its trying to improve.

Just because our country seems like the only good country doesn't mean it is, there are other good countries out there too.

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