Corbin's Semester one Reflection There's always something to learn

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest." - Confucius

My first Semester of my Senior year has been quite the adventure. I've taken many challenging and enjoyable classes. These classes being, Computer Science Principles, English Composition, Tech Team, Precalculus, U.S. Government, Creative Writing, and Advanced Recording Arts. I've learned how to organize thoughts and present them more clearly, how to help people solve their problems, and how to prepare for my future. I've taken a lot away from these classes and also have learned there is still room from improvement. There is always something to be learned from experience, it is how we apply what is learned to our future that we grow from.

I really saw an improvement in my writing this year. Creative writing helped me add some flare to my writing which transferred over to English Composition. I really wanted to take a more independent approach to writing, I used to always have my mom check my writing and give me corrections. I know college is what comes next and I will for the most part be on my own I wanted to gain confidence that I can provide good writing all by myself. I was very happy with my performance writing wise. In Tech Team I learned how to help people solve their technology problems. This can be implied to all problems in general, I learned to ask "How can I help you?" Which is a question hardly asked anymore, I've learned from this class to always try to be a problem solver no matter what circumstances. I really enjoy making people laugh, smile, and helping people in anyway. I make a lot of gaming YouTube videos with comedy in them, because I love to share funny moments with people. If I'm making one person's day better than I'm doing my job. My writing improvements really helped here to I wrote down scripts and things to talk about for videos. It has made recording things a lot easier. In Advanced Recording Arts I learned how to record and write music, about the business side of music, and how to collaborate with people. My improvement in writing also improved my song writing for this class and also how to organize plans for the recording process. Last year I took the hardest Computer Science class, AP Computer Science. This year I took a little bit of a more introductory coding class. Just to learn other coding languages and add this languages to the large list of ones I already know. I'm going to college to study computer science, I really enjoy coding and the challenges it brings. It's so satisfying when you complete a coding task.

Precalculus this semester didn't go as I really wanted it to. It's hard. I studied way more than I've ever had to and still didn't pull the grades I wanted to. I've noticed that I don't start home work as quick as I should, sometimes I do it when I get home other times I rush to finish it the night before. I know math is important to computer science, so I know I need to attack it next semester. I'm going to take more notes and organize them better. I'm also going to seek more help, I've never had a bad teacher at this school and will always stick by that idea. Not seeking help in school is a major problem for me, I have this kind of attitude that I should weather the storm by myself. I do believe being more independent is more vital for learning, but you don't have to go all the way into the storm alone. I realized I've had major presentation issues this year. It's not that I came prepared it's just how I act. In English class I learned that I looked back a board too much and in U.S. Government I learned that I got so nervous I skipped parts of my speech. I'm going to work to correct these issues, as I've never really had these issues in the past. I also didn't do very well on a Government project because I had to speak a certain number of times and didn't. While I do disagree with forcing someone to have to talk a certain amount of times I should have just done it. I don't work that way though, I can't force myself to talk over others. I like to take in information that my peers are saying and really visualize it in my brain.

"After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul's indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer." - William R. Alger

I've learned more than I thought I would this semester. I enjoyed being challenged and learning things everyday. I hope to continue my educational success into college and continue to grow as a person. This semester has definitely prepared me for college in ways unexpected. I hope to continue making music and YouTube videos, and solving problems. I hope to keep being ambitious in life and in learning. I look forward to the great teachers I'll have later in life. I'll hold every teacher and student from my high school in my heart. This has been a special time and I've learned that you always learn things through people/ideas/challenges, things that you would not expect. I've continued to improve throughout high school and I certainly see all things learned this semester helping me for the next.

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