Teddy Roosevelt By: Mathew garrison

Early life. Teddy had an interesting life. He had asthma, was nearsighted, and had his interest in zoology. He was raised in Georgia and he went to Harvard. His father thought he could grow out of asthma so he made him lift, do gymnastics, and all sorts of other stuff. He went to law school then dropped out after two years.
Teddy was a member of the New York State assembly. He got married on his 16th birthday. His wife and mother died on Valentine's Day. Later he then married again and had four boys. He then wrote the winning of the west and then became the president of the board of New York City police commission.
Roosevelt was an assistant secretary of the Navy. During the Spanish war he was involved in a group called the rough riders. This group was a bunch of men ready to fight. Later he was then awarded the Medal of Honor and became the governor of New York. He, also, was the Vice President under McKinley after Garrett Hobart died.
Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest man to hold office. When he became president he wrote a 20,000 word paper to congress. Also, he was the first president to get awarded the noble piece prize. When he left office in 1909 he went on an African safari to get away for a while.
In 1912 he had an assassination attempt on him. He was shot right in the chest and then got up and spoke his speech for 90 minutes. His youngest son was shot in battle. Teddy hand picked William Howard Taft as a suppressor. He then created his own political party called the bull moose party.
Teddy Roosevelt had a very interesting life. He was a very strong and independent man. Teddy strongly supported our allies. Also, he was an ambassador of England. He ran for president again and he demanded harsher policy's against Germany.


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