Tour of the Harn A'sja baker

Harn Museum Entrance
Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui Ghanaian

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist:

Negros y Mulatas by Pedro Figari

For many paintings, sculptures and even photographs and drawings, it is often the case that they do not appear the same to the viewer when seen in a museum versus on a website of in a book. To fully appreciate the many artworks, one must view them in person.

The art work that I saw in the Harn was the, "Negros y Mulatas." This piece of art was created in the year of 1930. Seeing this picture in person helps me better understand and better appreciate the work. This is because since I cannot speak or read Spanish I would not have been able to detect what this painting would have been about; fortunately, with seeing this painting in person, it allowed me to visualize that it had something to do with the African origins and historical topics. Specifically, the characters that are in the painting are African Americans and people of mixed races.

The technique of the artist that I found to be so striking is most of Pedro's work center around themes of landscaping, celebrating locally, folk dances of African origin, socio historical topics, horses, and gauchos. As I seen this painting, it allowed me to connect with it because of my interest in African origins. "Negros y Mulatas," communicated to me not only that time was taken for this painting but also that it interprets family ties. The artwork made me feel as though I was physically incorporated in the picture. A reason why I stated this was because similar to my family we come together in unison and just to show appreciation for one another.

The Design of the Museum

Lake outside of Harn Museum
Branched Scholar's Rock from China
Statue in the Modern Collection

Part of the enjoyment of going to a museum comes from the design of the building itself and the ways the exhibits are presented to the public. Te architects and the curators have designed the space of the museum to enhance your enjoyment of the artwork through the lighting, the design of the rooms, the outdoor space, such as gardens, and by arranging regions of the globe.

A statue from India
Overview of the contrast of the room

The wing of the museum that is particularly appealing to me is the one with mostly Asian art, it is apart of the modern collection. I feel as though this wing is appealing because I can experience a culture that I am not accustom to. Also, I can visualize the art of the culture instead hearing by word of mouth, which is a "Danger of a Single Story." The lighting, use of space and the arrangement of the art allows viewers to grasp the deep understanding of the arts. This exhibit makes me feel connected and achieved by experience a different culture.

Art and Core Values

First Communion in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil by SebastiĆ£o Salgado Brazilian

Art is often very personal. It can evoke many different emotions in its viewers. A work might have a profound affect on one individual but not on another. Art often appeal to our core values and allows us to work through our emotions, such as love, desire, loss, hate, fear, and sorrow.

First Communion in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil by SebastiĆ£o Salgado Brazilian

An artwork in the Harn that appeals to one of my core values is the, "First Communion in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil." The reasons are because it shows young girls in black and white and the demeanor of their face look sorrowful. The visual representation of the artist allows me to explore and perhaps even better understand the core value. Without seeing the artwork, I would have been clueless about the meaning of this artwork. The emotion that the artwork instill in me is that to be appreciative of what you do have and have faith in what you believe. It helps me better understand what I believe because everything is not promised.

Art and the Good Life

Artists often uses visual representations of the world to provoke us to think thoughtfully about the human condition. They sometimes even challenge us to recognize injustices and can even inspire us to change how we think or how we act. Just like stories, music, and performances, art can help us think about the Good Life, what we want to achieve, what we want to protect and whom we want to help.

This artwork in the Harn conveys a Good Life theme. It shows how the being comfortable to knowing your true self is a key to everything. The Good Life theme that is depicted is Sharing the Good Life. This is because the different perspectives are playing roles in individual development. It communicates that Good Life theme by showing the interaction with both of the characters in the painting. It adds to my understanding and appreciation of that theme by allowing me to visualize and still form of what it is entitling.

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