DTC #20: Hello Norma Jean The road to hollywood BEGINS where the dream ENDS





Have a whimsical cocktail and creative bite on the patio of this hidden gem.

Pay homage to a number of Hollywood legends in their final resting place.

Enjoy the ride with some local comedians at a small local improv.

Between Joe Dimaggio’s countless flowers, Hugh Hefner’s purchasing of the plot next to her and thousands of fans kissing her grave every week, Marilyn Monroe’s legend continues long after her death.
Stop 1


• 2.5 hrs until showtime •

“This is really cool.” The first thought that enters your mind as you enter through the double doors of The Tuck Room Tavern. Passing by the Wonderland-esque décor purposely placed with clues from Top Chef Sherry Yard's past you’ll find a resting place atop the plush couch on the patio. Sip on a summery Norma Jean cocktail or glass of rosé while indulging on the treats that are as creative as the 25 foot tall paintings in the library. After a few laughs and attempts to uncover all the house secrets you’ll be ready to discover a resting place you never knew existed.

Alternative: Have a bite to eat at the Westwood classic Flame Persian Cuisine. Then swing by Saffron & Rose for interesting ice cream flavors before Stop #2.

Stop 2

Pay homage to hollywood legends

• 1.5 hrs til showtime •

Conveniently sharing a back alley with the Tuck Room is the “private” park and burial grounds of the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary. Quietly wandering beneath the towering skyscrapers you’ll have your head downward looking to discover the final resting place of Hollywood legends like Rodney Dangerfield, Farrah Fawcett and Dean Martin. Rounding the final corner the most famous headstone stands out. Kissed by fans over the years Marilyn Monroe’s discolored grave ends your tour. After a photo and maybe a smooch on the wall you'll be ready to witness entertainers of the living kind.

Stop 3

laugh with the locals

• 15 min. before showtime til you've laughed your ass off •

Walking through Westwood Village you’ll pass classics like the Landmark and Fox Theaters before landing at your final low key destination, The Improve Space. This small one room venue squeezed between a mini mart and Chinese fast food joint is easily missed but hard to forget. Arriving a few minutes early will ensure a seat for your troop while giving you time to score a beer or wine to sneak in from next door. When the show begins you’ll feel like you belong as all the performers treat it like home. The comedy ranges from the creative to ridiculous. Nothing is held back. As the final act takes their “bow”, mix and mingle with the comedians outside. Who knows, maybe you just saw the next iteration of Rodney Dangerfield well before he’s six feet under. Only time will tell.


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