Art Robot Snail Vinnie, lena & kai

We first came up with an art robot idea. My Idea was to make a Snail robot that can leave a trail of paint.

Sketch of art robot

We drew a quick sketch of the art robot we wanted to make and what it was going to look like

This was our first prototype

At first we wanted to put wheels on the snail, but it didn't work out and it would be to fast for a snail. Also another thing we expiremented with was if the paintbrush or sponge would be better to make the trail of paint. In the back we added a small sponge. In the end we used to sponge because it fit better and we could glue it to the snail instead of hanging it off the snail. Once we saw one of the other groups work, it also gave us the idea to use the sponge.

Then we had to figure out how to keep adding paint to the sponge. We were going to try and have a small cup of paint in the snail. The let the paint drip through a straw to the sponge, but that didn't work. So we decided that the best idea was to apply the paint by your self, you can paint with your own cool colors. Another reason why we chose to apply the paint own your own is because the snail would look better if we didn't have a big box inside of it.

Once we built and painted our art robot

We first made the "slug" part of the snail, after we made the shell we put the "slug" part inside the shell. We had to take apart the snail serveral times indorder to get the humming bird to fit into the body of the snail. Than we put the servo and humming bird inside the snail too. The snail also has a sound sensor on its "tail" part of the body.


We coded the snail to slowly rotate the sponge back and fourth across the paper to drag the snail to the other side of the paper.


The art made by the snail art robot

In the end, this is what the snail art robot made. You can even hold the robot in your hands to make the shapes you want to make.

We made a heart

I think our invention was a success because it worked and it drew different things for example a heart and cool colored lines.

Now I want to try and make a catapult with motors and sensors that can throw paint at a canvas

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