Modern Example of Evolution By:aiden

Cane Toad

The adaptations for Cane Toads is they got bigger, hardier, longer legs which made them faster and more active.

The toads at the front of the invasion line are better adapted to spreading and going faster and farther distances. The toads at the front of the invasion line mated with each other which is called the "Olympic village effect". Meaning the fastest and biggest mated with the fastest and biggest, reinforcing the adaptation for the offspring.

This is a modern day example of evolution because the toads adapted to the long distances and spreading. They then continued to mate and create toads already born with the adaptation which is an evolved version of the Cane toads before the invasion of their species.

Created By
Aiden Stoffle


Created with images by Stephen Michael Barnett - "Cane Toad Bufo marinus"

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