There are many different types of internet scamming consumers face when using the internet.

First, Scammers use ads that Have high priced products but are shown as very low prices with fake pictures and accounts. Scammers also pull in consumers with ads saying something with line of "YOU WON!, claim your prize just click here", or "YOU'RE THE 1000 WINNER!".v

My personal experience. I was recently scammed and hacked. First, I was scammed was when I bought yeezys from amazon. I bought fake yeezys and was expected on march 21 but never delivered. Then the order was deleted from my order list which I'm guessing the scammer removed his account. In addition, my moms FedEx account recently has been hacked and someone order 6 shipments pricing over $300 in total.

A close friends has had an experience with internet scamming also. While having a great time playing FIFA he was baited into a scamming fraud allowing the player to have millions of coins. As an average FIFA players dream everyone want lot sod coins. My friend Avery was baited into getting millions of coins. Once he followed the steps the scammer directed the next day his account was unreachable. Continuous errors saying that the account has been permanently banned. This was a big downfall because he used lots of money trying to build his team together. This shows how one single wrong move can make a big difference.

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