Digital Literacy and Transformative Teaching across the FPU Curriculum An Invitation to Innovation


Students compose a "Spark Page" instead of a research paper.

Go to https://spark.adobe.com to get a free account and start creating in minutes.

Spark Page has almost no learning curve.

Initiative for Digital Education for Accelerated Learning

The goal of IDEAL is to transform current undergraduate pedagogical practice at FPU through the enhancement, across the curriculum, of digital skills and literacy.

Context: The Third (or Fourth) Industrial Revolution

New York Times: "Welcome to the Post-Text Future"


"I’ll make this short: The thing you’re doing now, reading prose on a screen, is going out of fashion. . . . The defining narrative of our online moment concerns the decline of text, and the exploding reach and power of audio and video."

- Farhad Manjoo

Re-examination and Re-articulation of the Value and Role of Higher Education

  • Strategic Plans, Mission Statements, Assessment Programs, Student Success Metrics, QEPs
  • Transformative student experiences that prepare students to change their digital, global professions and communities

Digital Renaissance

Science and Art

Technology and Humanity

High-Impact, Experiential, Applied, Active Teaching and Learning

  • Students are no longer passive consumers of knowledge and information.
  • Students become active producers of knowledge and information.
  • Learning by doing, making, problem-solving = creative, critical thinking and learning.
  • Learning outcomes and capacities that transfer

University Mission Statement

Franklin Pierce University embraces an education that matters: one that achieves academic success through the integration of liberal arts and professional programs. Our community of educators and learners creates an environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and encourages experiential and applied learning. A Franklin Pierce experience enables each student to discover and fulfill his or her own unique potential. We prepare students to become confident, knowledgeable individuals and leaders of conscience.

University Vision Statement

Franklin Pierce University will be celebrated for providing distinctive educational opportunities that intentionally connect academic majors and programs to meaningful career options through the integration of our liberal arts heritage and excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Our alumni will be well-prepared for the professional, personal and social demands of the 21st century and will continue to be ethical leaders and catalysts for positive change within and beyond their communities.

At UNC Chapel Hill, we are using Adobe Creative Cloud as a "virtual maker space" that travels with students wherever they go:

to produce and circulate intellectual work

to critically and creatively solve problems for themselves, their communities, families, professions, institutions, and organizations

2009 -- 2016: Resource Desert

2016 Resource Orchard: Adobe Creative Cloud for all students

UNC Digital Literacy Team and Program Recipe
creativity + engagement + literacy = Student Experience

"Our Lives Together" is a documentary short film made by Carrie Lewis, who had never made a film before this class. The film tells the story of a family's poignant struggle with Alzheimer's disease through the words of loving, faithful wife and her thoughtful, caring son.

In what kinds of courses/departments might "Our Lives Together" belong?

From a Student Experience perspective, how might an assignment like "Our Lives Together" compare with a conventional research paper on such a topic?

From a Faculty perspective, how might an assignment like "Our Lives Together" compare with a conventional research paper on such a topic?

"FPU alumni will be well-prepared for the professional, personal and social demands of the 21st century."

Sarah Oeschle Portfolio

Omni-Literate Students


"The goal of IDEAL is to transform current undergraduate pedagogical practice at FPU."

Critical Literacy = From Knowledge Consumers to Knowledge Producers

Critical Digital Literacy = From Media/Information Consumers to Media/Information Producers

Digital Literacy Pedagogy is not just merely aesthetic; it's epistemological.

Digital Literacy Pedagogy is not just surface, it's substance.

1) Early success and retention

a manifold to the undergraduate curriculum

2) Success across the curriculum and time-to-degree through transformative, high-impact, experiential learning

Watch One -- Do One -- Teach One

Adobe Creative Cloud is a Virtual Maker Space that travels with students where they live and work through their mobile devices.

Rebecca Atkinson https://www.behance.net/gallery/16086309/Z-Track-Procedure


3) Success on the job market: Professional, Technical, and Scientific Communication

producing work that demonstrates capabilities

4) Success as life-long learners

"I thought of you because I am now in charge of my division's blog; I just utilized some HTML code that you taught me during my freshman year [2000]! When I reflect back on how I have used the skills you taught in that class, I am amazed by what a positive impact you've had on my life. By using multimedia, you helped me understand the importance of strong communication skills as well as given me unique skills [that others in my profession do not have]."

Sep - Nov 2016 Launch

Flattening the Learning Curve

Adobe Creative Cloud apps, menus, and interfaces are increasingly simple, intuitive, and powerful.

The students are increasingly digital native.

Instructional and IT support staff are increasingly adept and experienced.

New-gen faculty are increasingly innovative.

Faculty Development and Support

free online textbook
IDEAL: "Develop a digital pedagogy library"

Free Online Textbook: Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum


Todd Taylor Online Portfolio and this Presentation


Adobe Education Exchange "Turn-key" Teaching Modules


Ten Commandments for Innovating with Instructional Technology


Created By
Todd Taylor


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