Why homeless MUST get more attention

There are so many people in this world that have money and a quarter of people don't.They don't have a home food money or shelter so they come under the name homeless! Only some of them are getting attention and others are suffering. I can walk down the city and watch the homeless not get any attention which is concerning to watch.

Firstly there are over 24,641,662 people in Australia! But there is a problem. May I ask why are unfortunately so many homeless are not getting better. I think it's because not many people really care about homeless. I mean all they need is money food and shelter and so far all it seems like they're getting is shelter and it hurts to see them not getting better. One dollar is a step closer to them getting better so step in and take a hand.

Secondly it's concerning that they can get really sick especially if they are wasting their money on drugs and alcohol. If they do get badly sick how can they pay to go to the doctors, or even get medicationl it's terribly bad that they get really sick because they would not have enough money to pay any kind of treatment because they get like $5 a day if they are lucky.

One because if they get chicken pox or an illness how can the get better if no one cares or even try's to help. Also if homeless can't take care of them selfs properly there can be something serious like cancer gastroe and more. I find that a lot of homeless can't pay for even a check up at the doctors for their teeth so I'm asking how do you brush your teeth but the real question is how do they brush their teeth? They can't.

It's a terrifying fact that homelessness is increasing in our community , countries and city streets. If you still think the homeless don't need help I can tell you when you walk down your city streets you will see why they need help. These people are still human and are a part of this country. You don't want them getting sick and dying do you?

By Mindi

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