Paraguay y Uruguay

The capital of Paraguay is Asunción

The capital of Urugay is Montevideo

On May 14/15, 1811 Paraguay declared its independence from Spain

Uruguay became independent on August 25, 1825

The currency of Paraguay es Guarani

The currency in Uruguay is the peso Uruguayo

An important day in paraguay is the day of the heroes and it is celebrated on march 1st to remember Francisco Solano lopez bravery.

Carnival in Uruguay is uniquely different to anywhere else in the world. And what’s really special for a visitor is that it is still an event primarily for the locals. Uruguay carnival is celebrated on February 27

The majority ethnic group in Paraguay is 95% mestizo and 5% are other types of ethnics

The majority ethnic group in Uruguay: 88% is from white and European origin, 8% is mestizos, and mulattoes and blacks about 4%

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