Stress and confidence levels of Teens at PRHS by: gianna berlingeri

The stress level of teens at prhs is rising at an alarming rate. Out of 197 students who participated in a poll, any grade level, 179 of them admitted they have stress, 91%. And out of 202 students who voted if they ever feel stressed because of school 189 of them voted yes, 95%. So I can clearly state that most teens at prhs that took the poll stress about school. But another poll shows that students do stress about other things outside of school. Out of 198 students 169 of them said that they stress over things outside of school, 85%. But this type of stress can effect a students mental health just as much which will effect school work. 177 students said that they stress over the amount of school work they receive. Out of all this stress if it's caused because of school or not, 121 students voted that it gives them anxiety.

These are only a few of the causes for these students stress.

After a survey that took place with any age student at prhs, mostly freshman, I could pull out these numbers that give us roughly an idea of the causes for these students stress and how much it impacts them. Another question that was asked during the survey was does your stress cause you anxiety. 64% of these students said yes, 21% said no, and 14% said maybe.

Anxiety can cause students many issues. Such as mood change, social changes, physical changes, sleep disturbance, and poor school performance. Having stress and anxiety as a teen especially in school and if it is caused by school is not good for mental health. Mental health therapist Mrs. Laura Esquivel at prhs states after an interview and after being asked "What do you think is the number one cause of stress for these prhs students?", "It really varies from student to student because everyone has unique life experiences and needs. Common factors that contribute to stress and anxiety include:

Peer related such as relationships “friend/boyfriend/girlfriend drama) and pressure to fit in.

Academic stress: difficulty balancing work, extracurricular activities, sports, and/or social life.

Unstable or stressful home life: poor relationships/communication with parents and past trauma.

Identity: figuring out who they really are.

If I had to narrow it down to “one cause” I would have to say it is due to students not knowing how to identify and express their emotions in a healthy manner; they let those emotions build up until it spills over causing high stress. Teens have a low tolerance for uncomfortable emotions and expect those emotions to go away quickly so they engage in unsafe or unhealthy patterns of coping. More teens deal with high stress than true anxiety. Actual anxiety can be very crippling and impact every part of a person’s life. Stress is normal part of life and teens are often not taught how to cope in a healthy manner. That is the number one cause- low tolerance for stress (or uncomfortable emotions) and no or unhealthy coping skills."

These words from Mrs. Laura Esquivel tell us that most students may get very stressed but anxiety is another form and not just everybody gets it. It all depends on who the student is and what goes on in their life.

Another counselor at prhs, Mrs. Xelina the counselor for 11th grade and newcomers supports Mrs. Laura's claim that stress is caused by many different reasons such as relationships, family issues, sports and school.

Another cause for stress is a students self confidence. If a student has low self confidence it can effect the way they do everyday things especially in school

more confidence, less stress.

Technology. Social media plays a huge part in teen stress at prhs. A lot of teens see people on any social media platform and envy them so much that they will try to become them or dress/act like them. This can cause stress and low self confidence socially because the stress a teen can feel about trying to "fit in" and have people like them is overwhelming. And and this is obviously a sign of low self confidence because they aren't accepting themselves.

Students need to realize that they are unique and wonderful in their own way. Once these students realize this they will stop stressing about how many friends or followers they have and start paying more attention to more important things in life like family, good friends and school. They would put their focus on grades and school work instead of what they are wearing or the people they are hanging out with. Because school and knowledge will always be more important.

have confidence in yourself. believe that you are intelligent and use it towards your school work.


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