Fossil FuEls By: Sarah Edmonds

  • Energy Source: Fossil Fuels
  • Fossil Fuels are formed from the remains of plants
  • They are also formed from prehistoric organisms
  • These plants and animals lived hundreds of millions of years ago

How Do We Obtain Fossil Fuels?

  • We can get fossil fuels by drilling wells
  • Mining
  • Oil rigs (operate offshore in many places)
  • Energy is released when oil, coal, and natural gases are burned

What are the Different Types and Uses of Fossil Fuels?

  • Fossil Fuels may exist in the form of liquid, solid, or gas
  • Petroleum-liquid
  • Coal-solid
  • Natural gas
  • Fossil Fuels are used in the electricity and transportation sectors

What are the Environmental Impacts of Fossil Fuels?

  • Can have bad impacts
  • When coal is burned, sulfur dioxide is released (toxic)
  • Natural gas is highly flammable, this can lead to gas leaks
  • Contributes to the greenhouse effect

What are the economic impacts of Fossil Fuels?

  • High in cost
  • About half of the petroleum used by the U.S. is imported from places such as Africa, Canada, and Mexico
  • It costs about 8 cents per KWH

What countries frequently use Fossil Fuels?

  • The U.S, China, and Russia use Fossil Fuels frequently
  • Coal, gas, and petroleum produce about 80% of energy in the United States

What are common applications for Fossil Fuels?

  • Used for fueling cars
  • Planes
  • Plastics
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Cosmetics
  • Fossil Fuels can be used in homes
  • The average U.S. household uses 10,000 KWH per year


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