Chyann Watts Photography Portfolio

Rule of Thirds

I choose this picture because it maintains the rule of thirds. The yellow on the inside of the blue flower is the focal point, it is two-thirds of the way over in the picture. The blue contrasts well with the yellow which made the picture very appealing to my eye. The green leaves in the background set the blue and yellow off well and made the colors very vibrant. This picture is a great example of executing the rule of thirds.


I chose this picture because enhancing the pictures detail in macro mode really helped the picture stand out. You can see the detail of the center of the flower which makes the picture interesting and the picture more eye catching.


I began with using the free hand cutting tool and cropped out Taytum and Kobie then, then proceeded to make a duplicate of the portrait. I made a duplicate so that I could change the background then put Taytum and Kobie on it. After that I changed the black background into a red gradient. Then, I put the layer of Taytum and Kobie back over the new background.


At first your eyes are attracted to the center of the flower to the things sticking up. Due to the texture and shadows on the flower your eyes will continue to go along the petals in a circular motion. Then, your eyes continues along to the light because it’s contrast with the dark flower attracts your eye.

Still Life

In this picture I started by taking still life pictures of a hot wheels car that was held by fishing line over a piece of wood then edited my picture. I started by finding a background of the forest floor then added it as a new layer. I had to start working on the picture of the car first, I had to erase the black background that was originally behind the car. I then placed my car on top of the forest floor picture creating a new background. I scaled the car and the wood to be smaller so that it would look like the car was jumping a tree root from the forest floor.

Leading Lines

This park bench demonstrated the leading lines rule perfectly. I chose this picture because both, the top and the bottom of the bench, followed the leading lines rule. They followed the rule because both of the sides were lines that lead to a vantage point which was the parking lot filled with vehicles.

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