Goals project English 2

Semester goals... In this semester, I will get an A or a B in all of my classes. I will reach my goal by making sure I turn all of my work in ON TIME. I will study more for my classes so I can pass. I will also make more friends by the end of the this semester.
English class goals... In English 1-2, I will turn in all of my work on time and getting an A or B all semester. I will also study more for tests a few days before so I can get a good grade in the class.
High school goals... In the rest of high school, I will receive A’s or B’s in all of my classes. I will reach that goal by studying more and turning all of my homework in on time.
After high school goals... After high school, I will graduate from high school and get into a good college and become a preschool teacher. To help reach that goal I will get A’s and B’s all throughout high school and I will study for my tests to get an A or B on them as well.
The university I want to go to.
Personal growth goals... My personal growth, I will be more confident with myself. To reach my goal I will surround myself with people who make me feel good and just good people in general. Another personal growth goal of mine is to let go of the people who do not want me in their life. I will reach this by not worrying about them.


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