FursonaCon Photo Studio Pixelstick Photos with Seiko & Clatterbuck

light up your fur

Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to showcase your character? Then come be lit up in the FursonaCon 2019 photo studio with a unique light painting experience!

Never worked with a PixelStick before? The process is easy!

  1. Pick your pattern (the Pixelstick offers lots of patterns, colors, even graphics!)
  2. Find your pose (make sure it's something you can hold comfortably)
  3. DON'T MOVE!!! (painting with light takes time, so you'll have to be still ~10 seconds)
  4. Get flashed! (a bright burst of light will freeze you in place!)

Prints are available for a $5-a-piece donation to FursonaCon 2019's charity, Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation! (digital copies will be available at FursonaCon's gallery page, too!)

Follow @SeikoLiz and @RClatter on Twitter for spontaneous photos during the convention, in and out of the studio!

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