Jan Brueghel The Younger By: Iqra Anwar

Jan Brueghel the younger was an artist born in Antwerp, Belgium and spent most his life in the area. He had received his name from his father along with his style of art. Brughel didn't have much of a proper education, however, he was taught art by his father in his father's studio as a child. In fact, his art sytle was so similar to his father's that when he was older, he copied his father's paintings and sold them to please the people. It was very difficult to spot the difference between their paintings.

After some training at his father's studio he visited his father's patron, Cardinal Federico Borromeo. However, It was never confirmed whether or not Cardinal Federico Borromeo. became his patron as well. At one point, when his father passed away, he took over his studio in Antwerp, completed his half finished works, married a woman, and eventually became the Dean of Antwerp as well.

Brueghel painted many landscape and subject paintings during his life time. When painting, he tended to use vibrant oils to paint which had been newly introduced during the renaissance period and seemed strange to use to paint. In Brueghel's works, he typically included both naturalism and perspectivism into his art.

Above is one of his paintings, "Paradise" which was created in 1650. Within the painting you can see the different shades and tones that Brueghel had applied to make the painting seem natural. Today, you can find this painting within one of the Berlin State Museums.


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