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Making connections is the link to success!

Our focus areas are: Process Optimization, Organizational Development, and Business Development. Boosting your bottom line will maintain your constant involvement with clients and their needs.

Clear Vision

SAVVY Media Group, Inc. is focused on building strategic plans for businesses to be able to map out a successful plan. We help to extract those ideas and dreams. We love to see success, our clients already have the idea, we just help to obtain the secret ingredient.

Acknowledging the void in processes has created a road map for our clients. Developing new methods and optimize their organizational structure. To maximize the skills of your staff can expand your database.

Cultivate and dominate your industry with efficiency and integrate sensible solutions to maintain day-to-day.

Speaking Opportunities

Melissa has had the opportunity to connect with industries globally by speaking on global platforms.

Why do you need to create automation to be successful?

Incorporating online tools is the most efficient and effective way to ensure that your projects are protected, and you will be able to decrease costs drastically. Who doesn't want to minimize cost and save money? Get ready to get your time back. You will not be overwhelmed with time-consuming tasks any longer. Automation allows you to no longer waste time with repeat tasks. So yes, this can save you a lot of time by focusing on other projects.

Enjoy working remotely by utilizing your devices. Who doesn't want their time back? So spend less time driving to a meeting and exploit online tools. Trust me. You will not regret it. Now you have time to work with more clients and sustain growth.


Melissa Ambers Day April 13th
Building Opportunities Savvy Solutions (B.O.S.S. Day) May 11th


Melissa has been hired to managed events to release the stress that comes with planning events. She is highly praised for the work behind the scenes. Ensuring all attendees are comfortable and enjoy the program and entertainment.

2016 Freedmen's Town Exhibit (Houston, TX)
2017 Freedmen's Town Exhibit (Houston, Tx)
2018 Faith Awards (Sugarland, Tx)


Executive Secretary Magazine based out of United Kingdom

Melissa had the opportunity to participate in the Global Executive Secretary Magazine. Her article "Assistants Are The New CEO" article is listed as the #1 article on release date. Click on the button below to check it out!

Voyage Houston Magazine Article
Isiah Carey - Company Holiday Parties, Bullying at Work, Bad Bosses & Getting Fired


Providing resources that can impact daily operations.
Amazon Ranked #1 in Secretarial & Training Books
Amazon Ranked #1 & #2 in Secretarial & Training Books
Amazon Reviews
Amazon Reviews
Workbooks for your team to manage time efficiently

Melissa Ambers has shared some effective and efficient processes for Professionals to emerge from the standard perception of trying to figure it out. This book is a great tool for any professional to advance in their career. Melissa partnered with various small coffee shops for a Book Signing. Melissa has created a unique way to share the contents of Coffee, Sugar Cream: An Effective Guide to Managing Business Processes. She has proven many times over and over again that she can take any environment and create an efficient system to boost productivity.

Coffee Sugar Cream: How To Manage Effective Business Processes is the 2nd book for Melissa Ambers. Her first book is an International Best Seller (Set Yourself Apart: Become An Efficient Assistant by Utilizing Online Tools and Devices). She enjoys sharing solutions to decrease cost and boost productivity.

International Media Platforms

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