Life During WWII Chrishea Massey

Life in France

In 1939 Great Britain had declared war on Germany and France joined them. Then France was invaded by Germany in 1940, which had began the control of France. Germany had gain full control over France by 1942.

Changes for Women

The roles for the women of Germany had changed. In 1943 Hitler had agreed to allow women to work. While the men were out fighting the women were at home making contributions by working in the factories.


France had been bombed by the Western allies in many places. By May 1945 all of France's cities were bombed and there were 68,778 civilians killed, but there were more than 100,000 injured. There were also 432,000 houses completely destroyed.

The French Resistance

The French resistance was made up of armed men and women called the Maquis. They were against the Nazi German occupation of France and Vichy régime. They were publishers of underground newspapers, and they would provide of information, and maintainers of escape networks that helped Allied soldiers and airmen trapped behind enemy lines.

Life in Germany

Germany had provoked Great Britain with the invansion of Poland, which led to Great Britain declaring war.

Resistance Movements

In Germany there were many groups that were anti-Nazi between 1933 and 1945. There were some individuals that had plans to remove Hitler from power. Many people dislike Hitler so there has been at least 27 failed attempts to kill him. The first assassination attempt to remove Hitler was led by Georg Elser in November 1939. He read in the newspapers that Hitler would be having a Nazi Party meeting on 8 November, in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich. Georg had stole explosives from his workplace and built a bomb with a timer. He managed to place the bomb behind the speaker's rostrum. The bomb's timer had went off after Hitler's speech killing 7 people except Hitler.

More bombings

It was believe that their country could win if they would bomb the opponent's country. They would often bomb areas were civilians lived. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939 the Luftwaffe began bombing areas where civilians. The United States began flying bombing missions against cities such as Hamburg in 1943, then Dresden in 1945, and other German cities. It was approximately 410,000 German civilians were killed by Allied air raids. An average of 13,536 people were killed every month during July 1944 to January 1945.

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