Family dreams... ...Become rEality @ the Seven seas Liveaboard.

Did you ever imagine bringing your family to paradise with excellent natural scenery, activity and food? Don’t look any further, Sevenseas overdelivers what is promises and believe me that’s already a lot!

Family beach party at bounty island.

Flying from Bali we were expected by the shuttles arranged by sevenseas crew to bring us to the excellent luxury liveaboard Buginese vessel named the Sevenseas.

Same afternoon we were blewing our first scuba dive bubbles.

We did already enjoy a great experience with Seven Seas three years ago, so we knew this was going to be great but Sevenseas did it again...., surprise us with great dreams that come true all day long, each day!

On our way to a hidden treasure...

Almost there..

We did not know what to expect...
WoW...!!! Cool water sheltered by stalactites, policed by birds during day service and bats by night squads...

Who else than the initiators of Komodo National Park know best where and when to bring their guests to the greatest places this paradise unlocks. Jos and Lida Pet were besides early innovators of the liveaboard cruise in this South East Indonesian nature when they built The Sevenseas. Jos also surveyed this whole area for more than 2 years and hundreds of dives to draw the scuba diving map with 45 selected dive sites of Komodo NP. But he and the crew still know more treasures....

Welcome on board!
Near old volcanic island of Pulau Banta, outside Komodo National Park, where fishing is allowed, some ingredients for fresh sashimi were caught.
2 to 3 great dives a day, prepared by The Seven Seas Crew and dive masters. All safe and delivering unique scuba dive experience. Our 13 year old daughter who got her PADI at 10 years was always in control.

Underwater life discoveries of our Blue Planet...

An impression of what we saw under water.... Some photo's you have to really look detailed to see the fish.

The Seven Seas impressions..

Combining ‘inspired by nature’ airconditioned bedrooms with star quality fresh ingredient food is absolutely great. Even veggies get dishes they never could think off. The great thing is that young or old, every member of our family got thrilled. Snorkeling between the baby and adult manta’s, SUP playing on the water, up to hiking on Komodo mountains to get great scenery view to the Komodo National Park.

Comfortable airconditioned rooms with adjacent ‘wet’ cabin.
Great star quality food, fresh ingredients, healthy and nutritious, served by the kindest staff, includes vegetarian.

Exploring Sumbawa

Today Thursday July 25th we anchored in the morning near Sumbawa East.

At Sumbawa East we explored new beaches and nice dive and snorkel sites where the crew thought it was good. Cuttle fish and small squid feeding near the surface were our early morning reward. After breakfast with Nasi Goreng it was offered to split groups; stroll white sand beach, take kayak and SUP near our anchor point, while others went diving and myself I explored the area by fast speedboat. We brought our fishing rods and we were lucky to see some early bird indicators that told us where to run into schools small fish hunted together by groups of Tuna. We caught 2 Tuna where 3 even Tuna unhooked themselves; a great start of the day.

Catch of morning!
Sunset at Sumbawa.
Beach party...😎🌖🔥
Cocktails and fresh own coughs sashimi with live music at the beach. Making fire with our boys makes me feel a boy again...

Saturday July 28th

Sevenseas wake up swim
Sumbawa morning hike; exploriong new trails, burning energy, enjoying nature and scenic views.



...and action!

Fire on the beach.

Monday July 30

Morning hike Pulau Satonda
Next stop: black sandy scuba dive slopes to search for critters below a size 5 Vulcano Eruption Index Sangeang.
Vulcano Sangeang; under water when scuba diving, we heard a strong explosion of this active vulcano...
Sunset cruise on PT Seven Seas.
Local shipyard with a 30m long cargo ship under construction. It takes about 2 years and lots of Indonesian shipbuilding craftmanship to build this timber vessel before it sails the Indonesian seas.
Summary: when as dad I asked our 8 year old son how to rate this family cruise with Seven Seas on a scale of 1 to 10: he answered ‘a 9.5!’

Thank you to the excellent crew of The Seven Seas and the owners for letting our family enjoy such a great experience...!!!

Thank you so much SevenSeas!!!

Copyright: Soede Family & The Seven Seas.

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