Religion Trip My Travels

Day 1: Islamic

My first day on my trip was great learning about the Islamic religion, it was incredible. As soon as I checked into my hotel in Jerusalem, I couldn't wait to start my tour. I got to visit one of the most tourist attractions called the "The Dome of Rock". The Dome of the Rock doesn't only help with having more tourists, but helps to bring more people to know about the Islamic religion. The Dome's colors were extravegent, all the bright colors relluy helped with the better understanding of the religion. This sacred site is still the longest standing building for the Islamic religion. The Dome of Rock sure was a great stop, but I can't see what comes next.

Day 2: Judaism

For my second day I went to go check out the Western Wall which was west of The Dome of Rock, and the hotel that I stayed at. Once i got to the wall my perspective changed on how the jewish people view their religion. All of the stones in the wall all seemed to bring s different meaning to what was inside the wall. The colors in it resembled on how all jewish people tend to throw parties for their family's and it seems to alway be fun. This sacred site helps bring jewish famalies closer together so they can be together.

Day 3: Christianity

On my third day I took a trip to Israel, to go see the cradle of Christianity. Nazareth is known for being the cradle of Christianity wth all of the churches, and statues so you can focus on Jesus. Once I stepped foot on the gravel in the town, I started to feel as if I was part of the time period when Jesus walked these exact streets. The statues and churches were beautiful, the bright colors in the glass windows brought a lot more aspect of the religion into play. As I began to realize the atmosphere I was in i began to realize why this was such a sacred site to go too. All the churches, and people, and statues all began to come to life.

Day 4: Buddhism

I took an over night trip to Nepal to go to Lumbinin Temple. As soon as I checked into my hotel I began to focus on all the broad color spectrums, in all the dresses. As soon as I visited the temple I saw all the people whom am together to pray on this sacred site. The reason its a sacred site is, because when the Queen gave birth, she gave birth at this temple. With her giving birth here she became a very important god to focus on and the baby too. The Lumbia Temple in Nepalab was absolutely beautiful I wish I could go back one more time.

Day 5: Hinduism

Sadly my last day of touring is today, I took another over night trio to the banks on Ganges, the sacred site of Varanasi. Varanasi is another very colorful place to go. As I began to see all the Hindus gather together, it gave me a better perspective on everyone in the religion. When they gathered around this sacred place they started too come together and prey to their gods about life. The people wer ea lot older mostly because this place is an older city, a retirement place for hindus.


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