Whitkirk News! 8th january 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

Happy New Year to all involved with Whitkirk Primary School for 2021.

This is not the start we envisaged for 2021 and our spring term but......we do have the vaccine on the horizon and, of course, we do have our wonderful staff team, fabulous building and site and amazing children so all will be good! We cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to engage in remote learning from home; we now know the impact of the last lockdown on children's progress educationally and socially. We are determined to offer a high quality and interactive learning experience for all of our children - on site at school and at home so connections are made and we get as much learning in as possible. It has been so wonderful to drop into classrooms this week and see a screen full of children engaging with both of their teachers and the children in school. We have learnt so much from the last lockdown and this focus on continued, high quality education is our main focus after the process of keeping all of our children safe.

A small news update - we are beginning the process of recruiting for our new headteacher and have already received quite a lot of interest in the role. We will keep you informed of this process.

I take my hat off to our staff team - from catering to cleaning, office staff to support staff, pastoral team to teachers and our site team who keep our space safe for us all. Thank you. So now let us see the amazing learning going on at home and at school and celebrate these achievements. Take care everyone.

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


The children this week have shown great resilience and motivation, in school and especially online. We are so proud of everyone, you have all tried incredibly hard with your learning. We kicked off our topic this week called ‘Who helps us?’ We discussed different people who help us at home and school. Lots of children at home have been helping their adults by cleaning, making their bed themselves and even helping to make tea! In school, we have been writing thank you letters to those who help us and been looking after each other in the doctors surgery.


KS1 pupils have had a fabulous first week of learning in and out of school. We have been learning all about Castles and created some fantastic artwork based on the artist “Paul Klee.” We have been enjoying story time with our reading buddies too!


Year 3 have been learning so much about our new Ancient Egypt topic this week and we have all loved it! We have been learning about the mummification process and have even started the process of mummifying our own apples! Spices were used as part of the mummification process in Ancient Egypt, so this afternoon we had a great time creating our own spice paintings and using our sense of smell to imagine being back in Ancient Egypt! We have been so impressed by the resilience shown by everybody this week and lots of fantastic learning has taken place.

Year 4 pupils have made a fantastic start to both remote learning and learning within our school bubble. We are incredibly proud of their resilience and determination to challenge themselves, which is really showing in the learning they are sharing with us. In English, we have been creating descriptive pieces of writing based on an adventure story which are putting enormous smiles on our faces! The vocabulary the children are using within their writing is really hooking us in! Keep up the fantastic learning Year 4!


Miss Gill is so impressed with all the children working online this week. They have taken school closure in their stride and have not once let her know! We have had superb attendance and attitude from all involved. All the children have put 100% into their learning and have started to learn how to remotely have their hands up and down! It has been lovely to see them all chat to one another during break and lunch times and carry on with their usual giggly selves. Our battle this week has been multiplying by 2 digit numbers and it has been tricky! We've had whiteboards, pictures held up to the screen, dojo images and all sorts to help us! Keep going Year 5, you're doing so so well!

Year 6 remote learners have certainly hit the ground running this week with superb effort attitude and attendance from all involved. Mrs Martin used the word 'pros' and they really are! Helping each other (and particularly the adults) with friendly reminders to unmute and remembering to put their virtual hand down have all been new skills that they have responded to so well! We have continued our work on fractions and showed great maturity in our empathetic responses to people who have migrated (including refugees) during our session on Wednesday. We love singing in Year 6 and managed to squeeze in two sing-songs (pets included!) on our first day. Go go remote learners!


It has come to our attention this week that Microsoft Teams (our Remote Learning platform) can be accessed via Xboxes and Play Stations. Please see the article from TES which gives guidance of how to use these consoles for online learning. https://www.tes.com/news/how-use-xbox-or-playstation-online-learning

Be kind!

Our mission at school at the moment is "be kind". Lockdown is difficult for all, in many different ways. As we all spend more time at home, it is important to take care of our mental health and wellbeing. Here are some links that may help:

Mindwell has lots of support and guidance to help people in Leeds take care of their mental health.

MindMate provides resources and advice designed for children and young people and their families.

Expert advice for looking after your mental health is also available through the NHS’ Every Mind Matters campaign

Star of the Week:

Join Whitkirk Primary School

Please remember, the deadline for applying for a Primary School place is the 15th January 2021.

New starters!

Please follow the link to our school prospectus to find out more: https://www.whitkirk.org/about-us/prospectus/ 

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year! Keep safe!

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