Edmond Dantes: The Byronic Hero Trenton overbeck period 3

Edmond Dantes

The book, The Count of Monte Cristo, is written about a young man who is wronged by the people closest to him. The young man, Edmond Dantes, goes to prison for many years while the people that put him there have wonderful lives. When he gets out of prison he seeks for revenge on his enemies. A byronic hero is a type of hero that is cunning and witty, but does not necessarily play by the rules. He is a good example of a byronic hero because he was traumatized in the beginning, he uses his riches to do things the way he wants them to be done, he seeks revenge on the people that have hurt him.


The first reason for Edmond Dantes being a good byronic hero is because he was traumatized. In the beginning of the book, Edmond was sent away to prison for a crime he did not commit. In prison he meets an insane priest that tells him about a treasure and helps him figure out that Fernand, Danglars, Villefort, and Caderousse are responsible for sending him to jail. He spends several years in prison plotting a plan to get back at the those people. After Edmond gets out of jail, he finds that his father died and he was not there to help. This adds to Edmond’s traumatic experiences. Edmond becoming traumatized is the main reason that he becomes a byronic hero in the first place. Edmond going to jail leads into the second reason why he is a byronic hero.


Next, Edmond gets out of prison and he goes to get the treasure that the old priest told him about. After he gets his treasure he goes back to his home town to get his revenge. Revenge is the second reason as to why Edmond Dantes makes a good byronic hero. For the rest of the book Edmond creates the destruction of his enemies lives. He gets to know what each person has done and how to take them down without it tracing back to him. A normal hero would not spend his time getting revenge, he would be doing what is right and by Edmond seeking revenge he becomes a byronic hero. Edmond looking for revenge forces him to go to the third reason for being a byronic hero.

Rule Breaker

Finally, while Edmond is trying to get revenge he does whatever is necessary to get it. Edmond does not play by the rules and that is the third reason why he is a good example of a byronic hero. A byronic hero is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish what they are trying to do. Edmond is willing to kill innocent people, as long as it leads to the fall of the traitors. Edmond was even willing to kill the son of one of his enemies in a duel. This is another thing that separates Edmond and a traditional hero.

Byronic Hero

In conclusion, a byronic hero is a character that has been rejected by society. They are normally an outcast that has been wronged in some way and has something to prove. They can be described as cunning, intelligent, and arrogant, but they could also be depressed and traumatized. Edmond Dantes from, The Count of Monte Cristo, is a good example of a cunning, intelligent, and traumatized byronic hero.

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