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Walking up to U Pava, I was confused. The exterior was covered in music themed graffiti artwork, and nothing about it screamed “Amazing food! Eat here!” Instead, I saw a place that almost looked sad, like the better days of this restaurant had already come and gone. However, the more I became familiarized with this little restaurant over the many visits I took, the more I came to love the eclectic variety of decorations and food choices, and the more I realized that the best is yet to come for U Pava.

The beautiful fountains with the busy U Pava in the background.

Walking off of the main square of Piestany, Slovakia it is easy to find U Pava. Simply look for the water fountains dancing to music. On the days I wanted to stay outside and enjoy the beauty of these fountains mixed with the bustle of the city, there were a limited number of outdoor tables available. Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by a small bar area. Walking further into the restaurant I was met by two levels of seating, both of which are equally appealing. The place is well kept, with pictures of local events through the decades hanging all over the walls. A small tv placed between the bar and the tables shows the local futbal game, but the sound of the game and it’s cheering fans is muted. Instead, a quiet undertone of jazz echos throughout the restaurant.

Hot chocolate, oreo cheesecake, and a good book makes for a great afternoon!

If visiting this restaurant in the mid-afternoon, your waiter will present you with a selection of coffee, tea, and other afternoon snacks. I prefer the spiced latte, but my mom loves the Bailey’s Irish Cream coffee. If you are looking for a beverage to cool you down in the summer then kofola, a more bitter variation of Coca-Cola, is a wonderful option. Still, if none of these are quite your speed, the restaurant offers of full selections of Coca-Cola products and many different juice options. For adults there is a full cocktail menu that has a variety of colorful and enticing drinks.

Before and after. It was good, I just couldn't finish it all in one sitting...

When I was done with coffee and decided to order, U Pava was not lacking in options. For those who may be vegetarian or vegan, there was a different salad offered every day, and this can always be prepared without meat upon request. U Pava is first and foremost a pizza restaurant, so they have many different options. I personally find the four cheese pizza ($5.20)* to be amazing. The combination of mozzarella, blue cheese, smoked cheese, and edam left my mouth watering and me wishing that I could eat more. For those looking for a more unique pizza, try the local favorite of countryside pizza ($5.90)*. This creation consists of a tomato base, cheese, olives, sausage, onion, garlic, and corn. While initially I had my doubts about this variety of toppings, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the final product tasted. Pizza after pizza that I tried made me leave with the conclusion that with an open mind no pizza here is truly bad, and most are quite fantastic.

Pizza sticks that are as long as a pizza is wide with a delicious garlic dipping sauce to go with them!

Despite the wonderful pizza, and pleasant afternoon drinks, U Pava still had something even better to offer. For those who love the crust but not the pizza, or for those who just want to try something different, I highly recommend pizza sticks ($3.80)*. Five sticks over 12 inches long of finely rolled pizza dough cooked just until crispy and accompanied by a garlic dipping sauce and a spicy dipping sauce is the way to go. The sauces are both made fresh at the restaurant daily, which means while the taste may vary slightly from visit to visit, the quality will never go down. Every time I ordered this dish it was cooked exactly to crispy, but never burnt or still doughy in the center. This meal was meant to please.

Even the leftovers were good enough to eat for breakfast (with a side of nutella and toast of course).

On days when I was worried about not having time to sit and enjoy this food at the U Pava, I took advantage of their delivery service. They deliver to all over the city, and the food always arrives hot and ready to eat. So whether you are looking for a midday coffee, a bite to eat for lunch, or a family dinner, consider U Pava. No matter how many times I went, they always had me coming back for more.

**All costs converted using 1 Euro is equal to 1.07 USD

Although having a four cheese pizza (front) and a countryside pizza (back) to share between three people seems like it would be a bit much, with how good this pizza is, we were lucky if it was enough.
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