What Divorce Has Done To America

Understanding the Divorce Culture

This set of readings helps you understand the impact of divorce on individuals, families, and society. As you read and discuss, keep in mind that people can be involved in divorce in different ways. A person may have:

1. Initiated a divorce, with just cause.

2. Initiated a divorce, now regrets it, and wishes they had done differently.

3. Been divorced against their will.

4. Experienced the divorce of their parents.

5. Experienced multiple divorces and remarriages of their parents.

6. Experienced the divorce of one of their adult children or other relative.

7. Or some combination of these.

The divorce experience means something different to each of them. Keep in mind that the members of your reading group could be in any of these situations. Any or all of these people may have suffered from their experience. Each has something to bring to the discussion. Jesus loves each one of them, and wants to bring them closer to Him. Each of them may have something to contribute to healing others, and healing the culture.

The purposes of our Reading Groups:

1. Give people the vocabulary to explain what they already believe.

2. Give people permission to experience their feelings about what happened to them.

3. Inspire people to challenge the Divorce Culture.

4. Deepen their understanding of the harms of family breakdown.

5. Give practical tips for improving their own family lives.

6. Bring people closer to Jesus.

All tips can be found in “101 Tips for a Happier Marriage” by Jennifer Roback Morse and Betsy Kerekes. The purchase of this book is not required, as the individual tips are given with each session. However, you can purchase the book:



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