US. Vs. Nixon by annie healy & Cassady babbel

The U.S vs. Nixon case happened in 1772 when 5 burglars were discovered breaking into the democratic national headquarters looking for information to get Nixon re-elected. The court found out that Nixon hired them to conduct the break in. They later found out he also recorded conversations between himself and a few of his administration while in the oval office. He was discovered giving this confidential information and was brought to court. The court came to a unanimous vote of 8-0 against Nixon. He then resigned because he knew he would have been impeached.

Nixon's lawyers tried to argue that it was argue that the presidents tapes were protected by executive privilege rather saying that these tapes were confidential and he didn't have to share them. He then resigned from office because he was going to be impeached.

The supreme court decided that he had broken the law. He and his lawyers lost the case. NIxon soon resigned. This affected the culture because people started to realize that the government was corrupt than they thought. It affected law by them realizing that the government was not always right.


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