National "The Games" Day June 1

This day would occur sometime during the last week off of school. Perferably on June 1. During this time, "The Games" would begin."The Games" are inspired by the franchise, " The Hunger Games. While we know the Hunger Games to be violent, we should make sure to simply "play it down" Instead of having actual death, we just pretend and then they are disqualified from the battle. This way, we can still have fun with actually being physically hurt.

The Hunger Games

Now, we should set a specific age requirement. Also, I think this should happen at school as a "break". This event should be take up the entire school day as well. I think 4th graders and up should be involved. As the grades mature, their "weapons" can as well. We start with water balloons, then plastic guns, then at the end of high school, paintball guns. Obviously, little kids can get carried away, so they should wait until they're older. This day should include battles, obstacle courses, and various challenges. All of this would conclude National "The Games" Day.

Fun Facts

#1 Students demonstrate better memory and efficiency of the brain through physical activity.

#2 Studies show: students rather get a jolt of pain then to be stuck in a classroom.

#3 One in four young teenagers between between ages 12-15 are only getting one hour of excercise.

#4 Teenagers aren't getting enough exercise at school.

#5 Only 3.8% of elementary schools, 7.9% of junior high, and 2.1% of senior high schools require physical education.

#6 High schoolers in 9-12 aren't active enough.

#7 Studies show that 74% of children between 5-10 do not get enough exercise.

#8 Studies say, physical activity may help kids do better in school.

#9 Over 90% of US high school don't get enough exercise to remain fit and stay healthy.

#10 Not being active is one of the major reasons a lot of people are obese or unhealthy.

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