3D Printing By Jesus

The idea I got on this picture is that I like Pokémon and I found my favorite Pokémon: Charizard X. For me it looks like a strong Pokémon, his best move is the Fire Blast. This guy is Charizard X this guy starts as Charizard then when he feels like getting destroyed he envolves into the Mega Charizard X. The ideas that he's my favorite Pokémon and I play Pokémon then that means that what Charizard has is what I like. The fire on his tail, on his mouth that looks powerful. The reason I choose and inspire me is because he's a dragon and I like dragons that breath fire and looks powerful so this is why i like this Pokémon.

Well the first step that I had to do is to choose my favorite picture. There a lot I choose like Raquaza, Gyrados, Mega Aerodactyl and Charizard X but since my favorite is Charizard I'll go with him so then I started then when I got it printed I started to color in the white stuff that I wanted then it took me a while to color in the white stuff then I got it 3D Printing and it turned out awesome. While the 3D machine was printing my Charizard I just sit down and just look at it to see because I've never seen a 3D printer. The first thing the printer needs to do is to get a little warm then pick your favorite filament then the computer will let you know how big do you want your picture to be then is gonna be ready. The tool you get out the picture out of the 3D printer is called a spatula.

The printing picture didn't seem awesome because it doesn't look like it has eyes. What I was proud of is that I had my 1st picture on a 3D printer and that's awesome. What was difficult is to wait I don't like waiting.

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