The Fox-Sauk Indians By Joanna Chapman

The Fox and Sauk Indians were allies that started their settlements along the Saint Lawrence River. They made an alliance and fought together to keep settlers from moving west onto their lands and forcing them to move west.

The Reason for War

All Native Americans living east of the Mississippi River were forced to move to Indian Territory after Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. Many tribes, including the Fox-Sauk Indians, didn't want to leave their lands.

The Black Hawk War

The fighting starting in May of 1832 after the tribes crossed the Mississippi River. The US sent a militia. The tribe was eventually defeated, and they had to leave Illinois.

Chief Black Hawk

He led the Fox-Sauk Indians in battle against the US militia. Prior to the Black Hawk War, he fought in the War of 1812 with the British.

The Aftermath

After the Fox-Sauk Indians were defeated and forced to leave, Indian removal increased, causing many tribes to move to Indian territory in present - day Oklahoma.

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